You can count on a team of forwarding agents and logistics experts who are dynamic and willing to listen to you in order to respond efficiently to your needs. We support you at every stage of your transport and customs clearance process for your goods, namely :


You have freight (parcels) to send or receive, in FCL or LCL, for import or export, do not hesitate to contact us.


Here we offer you our services for:

  • -> Unloading packages, containers, and products from the ship
  • -> Put on truck for transport to the storage place
  • -> Ship loading during export
  • -> Provision of all materials and handling equipment
  • -> Provision of skilled labor for the execution of unloading and loading operations
  • -> All related Logistics activities


Our knowledge acquired over the years allows us to offer you the best transport for your goods.

  1. -> Road transport
  2. -> Shipping
  3. -> Rail transport
  4. -> Air transport
  5. -> Multi-modal transport
  6. -> Express and Cargo


  1. -> Completion of customs formalities at the entry of ships
  2. -> Customs clearance of goods in transit or transhipment
  3. -> Customs clearance of transit files
  4. -> Management of maritime, road and air transit operations
  5. -> Execution of export customs procedures for boarding the ship


You are a shipping company, you are not yet represented in West Africa. If you are looking for a company that will be able to represent you validly and ensure all entry and exit visa formalities in West African ports as well as the formalities for your ship's stay, do not hesitate to contact us.


We offer you a delivery service in strict compliance with deadlines:

  1. -> Receipt of unloaded parcels
  2. -> Delivery of containers on trailers and self-loading trucks
  3. -> Management of any operation with transport insurance during deliveries outside the port area
  4. -> Shipping of goods


  1. -> User Vehicle
  2. -> Containerized vehicle
  3. -> Diplomatic vehicle
  4. -> Administrative vehicle
  5. -> Containerized Motorcycle
  6. -> Auction
  7. -> Gear


We offer a storage service for unloaded packages and also warehousing within the port area and on the logistics platforms:

  1. -> Provision of warehouse for import storage
  2. -> Stacking of containers at the quay
  3. -> Storage of packages in the warehouse
  4. -> Stuffing of containers at the store
  5. -> Unloading of containers for warehouse storage
  6. -> Supplies of storage materials, tarpaulins, pallet boxes, big bags etc.